Winners of the Best Baba au Rhum in Montreal

Dec 19, 2015 | News

Pâtisserie Montebello is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the wall of fame, by proudly accepting the Winners of the Best “Baba au Rhum” in the entire city of Montreal. The event took place this past August 2015 during the Montreal Italian week.

Our classic “baba au rhum” recipe has been in the family for many decades. The taste itself of the spongy yet moist batter, dropped in rum afterwards comes together incredibly well. The ratio between the rum and the batter is perfectly enough to make it all melt in your mouth. Montebello’s famous Baba’s come in a long type cylinder shape when baked, later they are soaked in pure rum for about an hour or so to guarantee the baba is well saturated. Finally it is lightly brushed with apricot glaze, followed by a self-hydrating rum alcohol pump then plated in a cup ready to be enjoyed with a Montebello latte.

Come by and pick up Pâtisserie Montebello’s award winning Baba au Rhum today in store to satisfy your tastebuds!