Winners of Best Sfogliatelle in Montreal

Jan 16, 2016 | News

What exactly is a “Sfogliatelle”, well it is an Italian traditional pastry, that is found in every Italian pastry box. It’s origin is from Naples, Italy. The classic pastry is composed of many layers of flaky crispy dough tightly rolled together, replenished with our home made ricotta filling and diced pieces of candied orange afterwards. The dough is constructed extremely thin, then rolled very tight together into a cylinder type shape. Next comes the exciting part, the filling! Our award winning Sfogliatelle are stuffed with either our home made ricotta filling with orange pieces, or our home made ricotta filling with Nutella. Must I say so myself, the Nutella Sfogliatelle is my favourite dessert in this whole pastry shop! Pâtisserie Montebello has been serving the Montreal community with Sfogliatelle for the past 20 years. Stop by today and pick up our award winning Sfogliatelle, we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Taste the best Sfogliatelle in the city of Montreal right here, right now at 3322 Fleury East!

Best Sfogliatelle