Minnie Mouse Theme Specialized Cookies

Jan 28, 2016 | News

Have a birthday to plan? Not a single worry is to be thought. Make your way to Pâtisserie Montebello with simply a theme of the birthday and our team of decorators will give you an outstanding final product. Our pastry chefs are knowledge enough to propose magnificent suggestions to help plan your creative birthday party sweets. With of course a specialized cake to compliment the delicious treats. This was a birthday party for a little special girl who adores Minnie. These cookies are made up of our home made shortbread recipe. Every bite you take just gets better and better, tasting all the flavours also having that crumble shortbread texture. Every specialized cookie is decorated and handled with great attention. Choose Montreal’s number one pastry shop to make your experience sweetest as ever.

To receive more details about specialized cookies contact our Head Pastry Chef Jennifer at 514.321.5567 or simply fill out our Get A Quote form.